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     After more than two and a half years of looking for a new home, we discovered Lakota Acres. This subdivision is laid out in three and a half acre lots in a beautiful pasture setting. Doyle Stamper Construction developed each of their lots by personally designing each of their homes with unique styles of roof lines and exterior touches. The interior of the homes likewise have different floor plans along with various ceilings to suit individual tastes.
     They build "spec" homes as well as custom built homes on a lot of your choosing. Since they do most of the building themselves, they can control the quality of the materials as well as the workmanship.
    We have been in out home for over seven years and are completely satisfied. One thing we are most satisfied with is, that they build what they say they will, and stand behind their work.
     We would recommend them highly to anyone interested in building a new home.
      Upon request, you may come and see our beautiful home for yourself. We would love to show it to you. You can see a photo of our home in the "Past Projects" gallery. Its the fourth photo down the list.

-- Ken and Jeanne Frees


Doyle Stamper
Dana Stamper

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